War and Peace

2018 Runningworks Lark Hill 50km Ultra Marathon Ultra #9 Saturday, 03 March 2018 To understand my place in this year’s Lark Hill 50km, we need to re-visit the 2017 event (for which I didn’t write a report, sorry). First, a little about the event. Just behind the Lark Hill Sporting Complex in Port Kennedy, south […]

Who’s to blame?

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2018 Australia Day Ultra Marathon Ultra #8 Saturday, 20 January 2017 I’ve been carrying a hamstring injury all through 2017 and although it’s much better since getting platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections directly into the tendon, it’s still not 100% so I’ve not been able to run on any surfaces other than flat roads/paths for […]

What’s in a name?

“An ultramarathon, also called ultra distance, is any sporting event involving running and walking longer than the traditional marathon length of 42.195 kilometres (26.219 mi).”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultramarathon In theory, if I ran just a millimetre further than 42.195km then I would have run an ultra. This idea doesn’t sit well with me, nor a lot of “true” […]